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We take the health & well being of our staff and clients of The Cat Clinic very seriously. We undertake daily reviews of our operating procedures to ensure the utmost hygiene measures, whilst still providing best care for your cats'.

We are open for normal trading hours, although we ask you adhere to the following operational changes to promote physical distancing measures:

  • We are prioritising URGENT health care cases during stage 4 lockdown
  • We are asking you to postpone visits such as routine vaccinations & dental procedures for healthy & young cats¬†
  • We have reduced our daily consultation capacity and prioritise physical distancing.
  • Please remain in your car or outside the clinic and call reception - we will call you back when the vet team is ready to see you.
  • Only one person per visit allowed into the practice - face masks are mandatory.
  • Please use hand sanitisers on arrival and after your consultation
  • Please remain seated in the consultation to maintain the recommended social distance.
  • We request that you order food & medication prior to visiting. The staff can run these out to you when you arrive.
  • If there is a person in our waiting room, please wait outside until the reception is free.
  • Under strict circumstance, we are able to conduct telemedicine consultations.

The only ones happy about home isolation - are our cats!

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