Hospital & Surgery

Our hospital is purpose built and suited to the specific needs of cats, with no cold stainless steel in sight. We have a lot the same “toys” you may find in find in a human hospital. Our hospital is equipped to perform most types of surgery with modern anaesthetic machines, cardiac, respiratory and critical care monitors. Our surgical area is completely sterile and we use the safest and modern anaesthetics very similar to an operating theatre in a human hospital.

Our veterinarians perform a vast range of operations such as de-sexing, exploratory surgery, caesareans, tumour and lump removals, wound stitch-ups, intestinal obstructions, and more…

As with human surgery, our veterinarians scrub up, wear surgical gowns and safety protection as well as using “cat size” instruments for any procedure. The surgical table is heated for the comfort and wellness of our patients who are continually monitored. A fully trained veterinary nurse assists the veterinarian and monitors the patient’s anaesthetic throughout the procedure.

As our hospital does not offer 24 hour patient care, but do we offer a referral service to any number of 24 hour emergency clinics, where the patient care can be closely monitored throughout the night by experienced emergency staff. We work closely with specialists in medicine and surgery and offer referral to them if we feel that they may offer you and your cat a more specialised service.