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Dr. Erin Stewart

Title: Bsc BVMS
Position: Associate Veterinarian
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (2010)
I have always been passionate about working with animals and this has shaped my career. Post VCE I completed an animal science certificate, worked in a petshop and animal laboratory and then became a qualified veterinary nurse whilst working at a busy multi-practice small animal clinic in Ballarat. I have worked in the veterinary industry for 18 years and completed my Veterinary science degree at Murdoch University in Perth in 2010. Post-graduation I worked in a multi-clinic small animal practice in Geelong, where I developed a special interest in dermatology and completed a one-year dermatology CVE course in 2016. I also currently work casually at an emergency hospital. I am currently studying for my feline membership exams in 2020 to further expand my feline knowledge. I am also a member of several feline veterinary groups including American Association of Feline Practitioners.Cats have always been a much loved and valued member of my family.
My two handsome Maine Coon boys Ambrose and Leo, who I adopted during my vet studies, also influenced my veterinary career – inspiring me to pursue feline-only practice. I actually visited The Cat Clinic as a veterinary student and was so enamoured by the ‘cat culture’ of the clinic that I stalked them for years waiting for my ideal job opportunity to emerge. I began working at The Cat Clinic in August 2017 and have gained much valuable knowledge and experience. I had placed my career on the back burner for the past 5 years whilst my children were young, so it has been great to focus on my own goals and improve myself as a feline vet. I commute 3 or 4 times a week from Geelong to work at the clinic which means early mornings,long days and busy family life but I am enjoying the experience and love the team I work with.I hope to make each cat feel safe and try to build a bond with them, cats definitely feel less threatened and stressed in a clinic with staff who all love and respect cats. I hope to deliver a gold standard of care to every single one of my patients.I live in Geelong with my family, my hubby Chris, our sons Lachlan 6yr and Archer 4yr, our furboys Ambrose (9yr) and Leo (9yr) , an old chicken called “Girl” and some tropical fish. I love going home after a long day at work, sitting on the couch and being covered in my cats for purrs and cuddles. I also hate treating my own cats medically because I’m too much of a sook with them!Ambrose is a silver and white mackerel tabby maine coon and will celebrate his 10th birthday in November. I was living in Perth and decided it was the right time for me to have a cat again. I researched and found a breeder who ticked all the right boxes. I flew to Victoria to see some young kittens for sale – Ambrose was 11 weeks old and was potentially going to be a stud. He was a singleton kitten with plenty of attitude, and he chose me. We were besotted with each other and the breeder decided to offer him to me. He is a big, clumsy, friendly, confident, smart, attention seeking boy.It soon became apparent that with Chris and I away for most of the day that Ambrose needed a friend. I kept in touch with the breeder and when a new litter of kittens, from the same dad as Ambrose, were born, we brought Leo into the family. He is a 9-year-old brown and white mackerel tabby. He is smaller than Ambrose, slim and more athletic and he is less confident with new faces, he is playful and loves to sit right on top of you for pats and gives gentle love bites when you stop. Whenever I sit down for a free moment Leo takes that opportunity to get some cuddles. Both cats have been fantastic with my two boys and the kids love them like brothers.

I love a good wine, reading novels (mostly supernatural) and enjoy art – I paint or draw occasionally

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