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Jessica Krempp

Title: Certificate IV in veterinary nursing
Position: Nurse
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology with Honours

When I was growing up I loved taking care of animals in our home – both domestic and exotics. However, once I moved to university, that was no longer possible and I  missed being in constant contact with animals. Through my studies I became particularly interested in veterinary medicine, so I applied to be a veterinary assistant at a nearby clinic.

I find everything from a cat’s behaviour to its physiology fascinating, so when I discovered that a place like the Cat Clinic existed it sounded like a match made in heaven. Then, once I met the rest of the fun and dedicated staff, I knew that I had found my spiritual home. The Cat Clinic offered an opportunity to learn from talented vets and nurses and provide the best care for our beautiful feline patients. My goal is to help create a positive experience for every cat I meet – by trying to understand each individual cat’s personality, I try to care for them in a way that makes them most comfortable.

My partner Jake and two ginger and white fur babies Elsie and Poppy, who were about a year old when we adopted them together in November 2017.

Poppy (DMH) is our sensitive soul. She loves cuddles with her dad, playing hide and seek, and hunting insects. Elsie (DSH) is our adventurous gal. She loves watching the birds, walks on the lead, and coming up with cheeky ways to wake us up in the morning. My girls have made our home a place of comfort and happiness.

I am always looking forward to my next hike, a relaxing beach day or a perfect soy piccolo.

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