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Ricky Leske

Title: Trainee Veterinary nurse
Position: Nurse

I always wondered why people put so much emphasis on people medicine and not enough on our non-human companions, so inherently I had to strive to do my best to help out our furry friends. Every day it seems like I keep adopting more and more cats, so of course when I heard about a cat specific veterinary clinic I just had to do what I could to be a part of the team!

A huge goal of mine (which I’m sure everyone should relate to) is to help every single cat I meet be the healthiest and happiest little one they can be, from kitten to senior.

My partner Jessie and I have 8 little furry kids running around Benson, Bronson, Coco, Dakota, Horace, MJ, Nala and Romeo (MJ is a foster who is turning out to be a foster failure who I’m sure we will adopt).

I absolutely love my furry friends dearly and I’m more on the fence of I’m currently their pet and not the other way around. Everything we do seems to be for them as they have more toys and furniture in the house than we do.

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