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Serena Cutter

Title: Certificate IV in veterinary nursing
Position: Nurse
  • Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing
  • BA(Hons) Journalism
Because I couldn’t stand the idea of working 9-5 behind a desk, writing formulaic prose, and spent way too much time watching animal rescue videos online, so when I moved to Australia, I ditched gaming journalism for a career in vet nursing where I could actually make a difference to someone’s life. Journalism was like working with the wrong kind of animals.I was looking to move from a mixed GP clinic for something new and different. This was the dream job I didn’t even realise I wanted. I soon realised how awesome everyone here is and then found out we recycle as much as possible, properly dispose of our soft plastics and compost food scraps – I knew I was home. Plus, getting to work amongst fellow feline fanciers is a huge bonus, and I realised they needed me to help them update their feline adjectives, for example: toe beans, blep, mlem, spicy, and fupa. I want to ensure every cat I meet, know they are loved and cared for, whether their families are present or not. They are someone’s family member, and when they are at the clinic, they become my extended family.My partner Tim, who I met at university and our two cats: Inka (black DSH) and Roger (a tripod DSH). My cats are my children. They are my world. From being fed 4x a day, to playtimes, outdoor time and everything in between – I do whatever it takes to make sure they are as happy as they make me. I love how they smell, their toe beans, their voices… I could go on. But, luckily, I won’t.My down time is spent gaming, bike riding and lifting weights at the gym. I love going to gigs and visiting all the best vegan eateries Melbourne has to offer – of which there are a ton of!

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