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Georgia Puttock

carolynGeorgia’s love of cats began in the cradle, which she happily shared with a cranky adopted black & white domestic named ‘Meowchic’. Growing up with the surname “Katz”, cemented what became an
obsession of sorts.


Georgia has completed both Certificate II and Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and is coming up to ten years as a nurse at The Cat Clinic in 2017.

Georgia and her husband Tobie have five children; one human girl-child ‘Birdie’ and four feline children: ‘Rupert’  the beautiful Ragdoll, ‘Ari’ a lovely sooky Burmese and ‘Bert’ a thieving, monkey-like Singapura.

In her spare time Georgia is studying a Bachelor of Business Marketing, loves to shop, read, travel and spend time with her family and friends.