Cat Vets in Australia

Perth Cat Hospital – Perth
Creek Road Cat Clinic – Brisbane
Paddington Cat Practice – Brisbane
Clayfield Cat Clinic – Brisbane
Paddington Cat Hospital – Sydney
Chatswood Cat Clinic – Sydney
University of Sydney Feline Clinic – Sydney
The Canberra Cat Vet – Canberra
Townsville Cat Clinic – Townsville
The Cat Clinic – Hobart

Emergency centres

Centre for Animal referral – COLLINGWOOD
Advanced Vet Care   –  KENSINGTON
Southern Animal Emergency Centre  –  HIGHETT
Animal Emergency Centre  –  GLEN WAVERLEY & HALLAM
Animal Accident & Emergency  –  ESSENDON
Pet Emergency & Specialist Centre – MALVERN
University of Melbourne Vet Hospital  –  WERRIBEE

Referral Veterinary Hospitals

Melbourne Vet Emergency – COLLINGWOOD
Advanced Vet Care   –  KENSINGTON
Cardiology referral Specialist – OAKLEIGH
Southpaws Specialist Centre   –  HIGHETT
Southern Animal Referral Centre   –   HIGHETT
Pet Emergency & Specialist Centre – OAKLEIGH
University of Melbourne –  WERRIBEE

Our most recommended Feline Health Sites

International Cat Care (previously FABCATS)
One of Europe’s leading cat health care and information organisations

One of our most trusted & comprehensive pet care website

Cat Professional
An Excellent source of information for owners and Vets alike

American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP)
Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery

Cornell Feline Health Centre
A leader in feline health and medical research

Informative Cat health Sites

A magazine covering every aspect of cats and health matters – 

Tanya's comprehensive guide to feline chronic disease 
A website dedicated to feline chronic renal failure

Aerokat (Trudell Medical Animal Health)
A site specific site for cats & owners about feline asthma
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