Cat Vets in Australia

Perth Cat Hospital – Perth

Creek Road Cat Clinic – Brisbane

Paddington Cat Practice – Brisbane

Clayfield Cat Clinic – Brisbane

Paddington Cat Hospital – Sydney

Chatswood Cat Clinic – Sydney

University of Sydney Feline Clinic – Sydney

The Canberra Cat Vet – Canberra

Townsville Cat Clinic – Townsville

The Cat Clinic – Hobart

Emergency centres

Centre for Animal referral – COLLINGWOOD

Advanced Vet Care   –  KENSINGTON

Southern Animal Emergency Centre  –   HIGHETT

Animal Emergency Centre  –   GLEN WAVERLEY & HALLAM

Animal Accident & Emergency  –   ESSENDON

Pet Emergency & Specialist Centre – MALVERN

University of Melbourne Vet Hospital  –   WERRIBEE


Referral Veterinary Hospitals

Melbourne Vet Emergency – COLLINGWOOD

Advanced Vet Care   –  KENSINGTON

Cardiology referral Specialist – OAKLEIGH

Southpaws Specialist Centre   –  HIGHETT

Southern Animal Referral Centre   –   HIGHETT

Pet Emergency & Specialist Centre – OAKLEIGH

University of Melbourne –  WERRIBEE


Informative Cat health Sites

OZZI Cat -A magazine covering every aspect of cats and health matters – – a website dedicated to feline chronic renal failure – a site specific site for cats & owners about feline asthma


Our most recommended Feline Health Sites


International Cat Care (previously FABCATS)
One of Europe’s leading cat health care and information organisations
One of our most trusted & comprehensive pet care website

An Excellent source of information for owners and Vets alike

 American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP):
Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery

Cornell Feline Health Centre:
A leader in feline health and medical research