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Dr. Isabelle Kowalyk - back from maternity

Title: DVM BSc
Position: Associate Veterinarian
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  • BSc (Veterinary Bioscience)

When I was a child my favourite toy was a doctor’s bag full of plastic medical equipment, including a stethoscope. My favourite game was to ‘play vets’ and save my family pets (who had to participate whether they liked it or not!). I became more and more passionate about  animal care as I got older –also discovering that I loved nature, the sciences, problem solving, and connecting with people.  Combining all these interests steered me down the path of becoming a veterinarian.

Cats have always held a very special place in my heart. My first pet, a cat named Bundy (a female ginger), lived until she was 21. I did placement as a veterinary student at The Cat Clinic, and as soon as I met the team, clients, and the fabulous feline patients, I knew it was meant to be. I left saying “That’s it, I am going to be a feline-only vet one day!” The team of nurses, cattery attendants and vets strive to provide the best patient care in every aspect, which is something I value highly. The thing that I love most about cats is that it is important to earn their trust. So, when I meet them in the clinic, I always do my best to be gentle, patient and calm so that they trust me during our time together in the consultation room or hospital. Of course, kitty cuddles and chin nudges are always a goal too.
My husband Ricardo and I share our home with Prada, a white Siamese X. She is my special sassy princess, who will love you immensely one minute and give you attitude the next (a little lioness), but we have a very close bond. We had to say goodbye to Louis, our beautiful elderly seal point cross-eyed Siamese Louis in late 2022. I carry her in my heart every day. We also welcomed a non-fur child in 2022, and her first word was meow!

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