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I have always had animals in my life. My first memory of a pet was our ginger and white male cat ‘Raffles’. He was a beautiful and proud cat and taught me to be kind and gentle and to respect animals. Then ‘Gypsy’, another ginger boy followed, and the love affair continued. He was my boy, even though he was the family cat, as I always felt our bond was especially special and pure. He lived on my lap when he could. He was always found curled up in my room on my bed. I was born with a sympathetic heart for animals, although I have and will always love cats above all else, I am an animal lover through and through. So, with this history in mind, it was to no one’s surprise who knew me well, that I would eventually end up following this love into Veterinary Nursing. In saying this though, I didn’t follow this love straight out of high school. It took me a few years of experimenting with other interests and professions to realize that I hadn’t found my true calling, the ‘thing’ that made me who I am. Nothing was sticking or holding my interest long term, I felt unsettled and knew in the back of my mind that something else was out there for me. So, after many years of what I would call ‘floating and searching’, I finally decided as a mature aged student that I needed to come back home to my love of animals and build a career and life for myself from there and I have never looked back.After graduating from my Cert 4 in Veterinary nursing I worked in a small animal general veterinary practice. It provided a foundation of knowledge and training for me and set me up as a strong and competent veterinary nurse. I reached a point in my career where I was comfortable and truly enjoyed working in the industry, but I was also starting to feel I could do more and wanted to reach another level in my professional life. I was always gravitating towards the cats and knew deep down I needed to find a place that was special. When I started searching for that ‘special’ place I found The Cat Clinic. That was it. It was my ultimate next level step. It provided me with everything I was searching for and challenged me in ways that helped make me an even stronger and better vet nurse.I have learnt to approach each new cat with respect, empathy, care and love. A veterinary clinic can be a very scary place for an animal that can’t always understand you are trying to help them, so my goal is to use these tools to try to make their experience less traumatic, friendly, and calming and ultimately gain their trust (which must be earned with cats of course) so when they come back again for the next health check-up or surgery they are more accepting of our help and expertise.Fur Children-

  • Sooty: medium hair male black & white – 12 years
  • Ruby: Short hair female – black & white (Sooty’s sister)  – 12 years
  • Harry: Short hair male Ginger – 9 years

Human Children –

  • Eve my 5-year-old independent, stubborn, determined, clever and sweet little lady
  • Jack my nearly 1 year old is the cheekiest little monkey alive but is very funny!

Matthew Husband: also, very stubborn, but makes up for it by tolerating me daily.

Harry is my youngest fur boy. He is very mischievous as a typical ginger boy is expected to be! He is always looking to play or run or chase anything and everything that crosses his path, including his sister, which she never appreciates. He is very loving and loves his food! Ruby is the only girl I have ever had the privilege of owing as I had only had boys growing up. She is a most intelligent and proud cat, who appreciates daily conversation and head rubs. Her eyes look right into your soul and I swear she can understand most of what I say to her. Last, but not least is my Sooty. The cat with the biggest heart. He is always on the search for a lap and will love and trust just about anyone if a lap and food is offered! Most of the time Matt and I don’t even notice if he has jumped onto our laps. He is and will always be a people cat, and we absolutely love them all to bits.

I love spending time with close friends and family, going to the beach in summer, a good Hollywood 80’s movie, actually any 80’s movie, sunbaking with the cats (when I get time), listening to people’s life stories and all the Harry Potter books and movies and merchandise and anything Harry Potter related! (Sorry not sorry).

Despite being a cat lover from birth, it took me years to discover that veterinary nursing was an actual profession! In my late twenties I started volunteering with felines at my local animal shelter. A few weeks later, I knew I had found my vocation! Veterinary nursing fits right in to the ‘do what you love’ career category. I couldn’t think of a more rewarding job than caring for animals and nursing them back to health. I also find the medical side of the job incredibly interesting.

When my partner Tobie and I moved home from the UK with our two Ragdoll kittens we became clients of Dr Richard’s in the early years of The Cat Clinic. The moment I settled on this new career path, I visited the clinic to ask for Richard’s advice and was lucky enough to leave with a junior nurse position. Though I love all animals, I hit the jackpot because I’m a cat person through and through. My goal in every interaction that I have with cats, is to quickly assess their personality and demeanor, so I can approach and handle each patient in a way that will best minimise the stress of an unfamiliar environment – I want to make each cat feel safe, loved and comfortable as well as giving them the best chance for health and recovery.

My husband Tobie and I were a cosy family of six, with our four felines, ‘Rupert’ and ‘Bellatrix’ our migrant Ragdoll’s, my shadow – lilac Burmese ‘Ari’, and the quirkiest Singapura on the planet, ‘Bert’, until we introduced a fifth human child – our daughter Birdie in 2015. In 2018, we were devastated to lose both Bellatrix and Bert and then sadly Rupert in 2019 and the house is feeling rather quiet without them. My pets mean the world to me. Their steady love and presence in our home is comforting and I find myself missing them dreadfully when I’m away from home. They have become furry extensions of my soul, and I hope my daughter grows up to feel the same way.

I’ve worked at The Cat Clinic for over 10 years and though I’m no longer full-time, I consider the whole team to be family, and feel so proud to have trained and worked in such an exemplary clinic with such knowledgeable and caring staff. Aside from my love of cats, I have many diverse interests, from literature, television and film, to fashion, art, food and wine. I’ve also co-authored two cookbooks with my chef husband, the first featured our cat Rupert on the cover, the latest is entirely plant based – in line with my ‘reducetarian’ values.

Because I couldn’t stand the idea of working 9-5 behind a desk, writing formulaic prose, and spent way too much time watching animal rescue videos online, so when I moved to Australia, I ditched gaming journalism for a career in vet nursing where I could actually make a difference to someone’s life. Journalism was like working with the wrong kind of animals.I was looking to move from a mixed GP clinic for something new and different. This was the dream job I didn’t even realise I wanted. I soon realised how awesome everyone here is and then found out we recycle as much as possible, properly dispose of our soft plastics and compost food scraps – I knew I was home. Plus, getting to work amongst fellow feline fanciers is a huge bonus, and I realised they needed me to help them update their feline adjectives, for example: toe beans, blep, mlem, spicy, and fupa. I want to ensure every cat I meet, know they are loved and cared for, whether their families are present or not. They are someone’s family member, and when they are at the clinic, they become my extended family.My partner Tim, who I met at university and our two cats: Inka (black DSH) and Roger (a tripod DSH). My cats are my children. They are my world. From being fed 4x a day, to playtimes, outdoor time and everything in between – I do whatever it takes to make sure they are as happy as they make me. I love how they smell, their toe beans, their voices… I could go on. But, luckily, I won’t.My down time is spent gaming, bike riding and lifting weights at the gym. I love going to gigs and visiting all the best vegan eateries Melbourne has to offer – of which there are a ton of!

When I finished high school, I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do for a living. I studied English for a year and then my partner and I decided to go and have an adventure in Australia. When I arrived, I thought I would start from scratch and try to work with animals. I found a job as a cat attendant in a cattery and I loved it. When the Cat Clinic was looking for a nurse I applied straight away, but as they were looking for an experienced nurse, they offered me a position as a cat attendant in their cattery with the possibility to evolve and work every now and then at the clinic. I knew I wanted to dedicate most of my day to doing something that I have been passionate about since I was a kid and am still as passionate today as I was then. I love taking care of cats and Australia made that dream possible.

Personally, I can’t think of a better way to look after our feline friends than to have a facility dedicated to their wellbeing. I want the best for each and every cat. Being as gentle as possible and making friends with them, I want to reassure them if they are scared.

I share my life with my partner, and my two beautiful ragdolls Pixel and Backup. They are my family and my world; the rest of my family is back in France.

They mean the world to me. I have waited pretty much all my life to get my own cats as half of my family were allergic to cats. I guess being 17.000km away from my family was far enough to get my own cats. I can’t remember when I first fell in love with ragdolls, but it became an obsession.

In my spare time I bake all sort of cakes and pastries. I am also very crafty and love creating things for my cats. I ride my motorbike whenever I am not too lazy to put on my gear on!

I saved a butterfly when I was about 5 or 6 years old – back when I was still living in Poland. I found it at the bottom of the glass in the foyer of our apartment not moving, it was autumn, so it was getting colder. I put it in my hands and while walking to school blew warm air into my cupped hands until I felt the butterfly starting to move. I eventually opened my hands and the butterfly flew away. I still remember the amazing feeling that I got and did all of this from instinct. As I got older, I realized that the butterfly would have died not long after, but I still gave it a few hours of extra life.

I found out about The Cat Clinic while working at a mixed practice clinic in Perth after completing my Veterinary nursing studies. At that time, I was in charge of the clinic’s cat adoption center and was also a cat mum. I looked after the kittens and had hand-raised quite a few litters – so you could say I was already very much a cat lady.

I was already planning on moving to Melbourne, so I used a recruitment agency and told them I would really like to work at the cat clinic, but they informed me that they didn’t’ hire very often – however, luckily, I got a call around informing me that an opening had come up.   I raced home wrote a cover letter and my resume and the rest is history – I will have been working for the clinic for 9 years in December and I couldn’t be happier.

My partner and I have two cats. Jezebel is a ten year old calico and the apple of her my eye. She is my favourite cat in the world, she is super soft and affectionate and is also my best friend.

Velcro is a 1 year old male domestic and most definitely a daddy’s girl. He is a little terror but has the cutest meow and always looks so puzzled. Thankfully they are good friends. They both enrich our lives immensely and we wouldn’t have it any other way, possibly more cats one day!

I’m a huge book worm and a sci fi addict. I am also, the clinic’s resident hippie and eco warrior. I love going to festivals in the summer, relaxing with my friends and dancing under the sun. In winter I like to hibernate and read a lot plus do some computer gaming.

I think I was always destined to work with animals and have loved them for as long as I can remember. My dad worked for Parks Victoria and he would often bring animals home for us to take care of, including – koalas, echidnas, seabirds, possums, even a seal. I have always been a cat person and even loved them before I could talk. When I was very young I used to point at cats and try and imitate their sounds – because I didn’t have any words to describe them.

Before I went to university, I volunteered at the RSPCA in cat quarantine. It was hard work and a big eye opener, but it was also very rewarding, and I loved it. I was desperate for all the cats to pass the test and go to loving homes and would spend lots of time trying to help them to open up. My brother told me about the first ever cat only clinic in Melbourne and told me that I should put my resume in, even though they weren’t advertising a job. Thankfully I did, they called, and I was hired soon after. I loved it from the moment I stepped through the door and haven’t left after 15 (not sure on dates) wonderful years!

My goal with every single cat that I meet is to calmly approach them and try to make them comfortable. I understand it’s hard to be in a different environment especially at a veterinary clinic. I believe that every cat deserves to be given the time and space to trust you – obviously, that won’t happen instantly, so we need to be patient and understand that each cat is different and needs to be approached accordingly,  but always with love and kindness.

I have two cats – Isobelle (Issy) is a sassy pants. She is adorable, loving, smart and sweet – yet if she doesn’t get her way, she will give you a death stare that makes you want to give in to her. She has a dominant personality and unfortunately Dimity (my other cat) is forced to take a back seat. She loves toys and often brings them to my feet as I’m watching TV with a cute, bird-like chirp.

I have fostered many cats since getting Issy but there was another special girl Dimity (Dimmy). She was found when she was 10 months old and was absolutely terrified of everything! I knew she needed someone special to look after her as she was so timid. But she used to walk into the room that I was in and start purring.. She is the sweetest, but most scared cat you will ever meet. It takes her a long time to trust someone but when she does, she loves you with all her heart. Unfortunately, she isn’t the brightest girl, but I love her anyway.

My cats mean the absolute world to me. I could not imagine my life without a furry footstep behind me. My two girls are so different, yet I wouldn’t change them for the world. My girls and I have been through so much and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. They make me smile and laugh every day.

I love the simple pleasures in life like picnics, walks, the forest, a good book, coffee, movies, and the winter months when I can curl up with a blanket and my girls.

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