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Audra Munro

Title: Certificate 4 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing
Position: Senior veterinary Nurse
  • Bachelor of Applied Science: Human Movement
  • Certificate 4 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing

I have always had animals in my life. My first memory of a pet was our ginger and white male cat ‘Raffles’. He was a beautiful and proud cat and taught me to be kind and gentle and to respect animals. Then ‘Gypsy’, another ginger boy followed, and the love affair continued. He was my boy, even though he was the family cat, as I always felt our bond was especially special and pure. He lived on my lap when he could. He was always found curled up in my room on my bed. I was born with a sympathetic heart for animals, although I have and will always love cats above all else, I am an animal lover through and through. So, with this history in mind, it was to no one’s surprise who knew me well, that I would eventually end up following this love into Veterinary Nursing then into The Cat Clinic. I have 2 fur babies:

  • Ruby: Short hair female – black & white (Sooty’s sister)  – 15years
  • Harry: Short hair male Ginger – 12 years

Harry is my youngest fur boy. He is very mischievous as a typical ginger boy is expected to be! He is always looking to play or run or chase anything and everything that crosses his path, including his sister, which she never appreciates. He is very loving and loves his food! Ruby is the only girl I have ever had the privilege of owing as I had only had boys growing up. She is a most intelligent and proud cat, who appreciates daily conversation and head rubs.

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