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Dr. Amy Lingard

Title: BVSc (hons) FACVSc (Feline Medicine)
Position: Veterinary
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science (hons) at University of Queensland (graduated 2001)
  • Membership of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in Feline Medicine in 2006
  • Fellowship of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists & Registered Specialist in Feline Medicine in 2010
I’ve always loved animals. When I was growing up we lived close to the beach and there were a number of stray cats that lived amongst the rocks. I’d frequently go down and feed them. We rescued one young female cat and the week after I brought her home, we realised that she was pregnant. However, unfortunately, she developed complications during her labour and that moment inspired me to proclaim to my parents that I wanted to be a vet.My interest in medicine also began when I was young. I was fascinated by an anatomy book that belonged to my father. It had semi-translucent pages that allowed you to construct the human body one system at a time. My father always hoped that I would become a doctor, as he had wanted to be.

Mid-way through my veterinary degree I decided that I wanted to specialize in felines,  after doing work experience at the Cat Clinic in Brisbane. I remained in contact with the Cat Clinic throughout my degree and accepted a position there just 10 months after graduating. After 2 years in general feline practice, I decided that I not only wanted to work with cats, but that I wanted to specialise in feline medicine, which led me to undertake a residency at the University of Sydney.

Love… Of Richard and the cats! Richard and I met whilst working together at the Cat Clinic in Brisbane. At the time he moved to Melbourne to start up the Cat Clinic in Prahran, I moved to Sydney to undertake my feline medicine specialist training. After 3 years in a long-distance relationship, I moved down to  Melbourne to join Richard at the practice.

Every individual cat has different personality traits. They have distinct traits that dominate their personality, along with other traits that can arise in different situations. I enjoy getting to know each cat (and their servant/s!) and gaining their trust. Hopefully in doing so, I can make their visit not only as pleasant as possible, but also be able provide them with the exceptional health care that they all deserve.  All you need is love and a cat (s!)Time spent with cats is never wasted. Sigmund Freud.

Stella. Aka Stella Bella. A 9yo female Oriental. Top cat in the household. Smart and calculating.

  • Quirks: When she falls asleep, her head drops suddenly and heavily. Insists on opening all the cupboards every night.
  • Likes: Being slapped hard on the bottom (she will scream if you stop). Biltong. Heat seeker (sun, heater, hot water bottle, clothes dryer, clothing from clothes dryer…..).
  • Dislikes: Billie…. and possibly Richard.

Stirling. Aka Grey man or StirlyWhirly. An 8yo male Russian Blue. Clearly gifted. Very lovable and sooky. His father says I have ruined him…

  • Quirks: Cutest trot when he runs. Befriends possums, insects and leaves.
  • Likes: Autumn leaves. Tuna sashimi (often hand fed to him with chopsticks).
  • Dislikes: Nothing. He loves every being.

Billie. Aka Fatso or Brown cat. An 11yo female Burmese. The newest addition to the household.

  • Very sweet, and perhaps a little simple, with a Rubenesque figure.
  • Quirks: Reverses bottom first onto my lap to avoid making eye contact with Stella. Also, an effective approach to bulldoze her out of the way.
  • Likes: Cheese. Her toy catnip bug. Belly rubs.
  • Dislikes: Stella.

I like to keep active and am a massive Pilates enthusiast. I also enjoy an occasional glass of wine and like to think of myself as a bit of a connoisseur – best enjoyed with a friendly cat curled up on my lap.

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