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Dr. Kathryn LeMerise

Title: DVM, BSc, MPH.
Position: Feline Veterinarian
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • BSc(Human Nutritional Sciences)
  • Masters Public Health

Wanting to become a veterinarian is one of the earliest memories I have. I was gifted a pink stethoscope at age five from my grandparents who had a very tolerant domestic shorthair named, “Poulan.” I knew this career was my passion when I discovered that I could help animals by working through medical problems with a fellow-minded team and their pet parents.

It was clear The Cat Clinic practiced a high calibre of medicine and care from the moment I started placement as a vet student. The commitment of the team to do their best for each and every cat that came into the clinic was inspiring. I have always loved cats and those few weeks catalysed a passion for feline medicine. With each cat having their own specific needs, they each require an individual approach and treatment plan to help promote their health and well-being.

My goal in meeting every cat is to understand each cat’s unique personality and how I can help them best. I aim to provide a personalised and high-standard of care for each cat, their parents, and the bond they share. I work hard with my colleagues and clients to accomplish the best possible outcome for each cat I have the privilege to meet.

Although most of my family is back in the United States, I moved to Melbourne with my husband, John in 2013. Within the first month of moving here we adopted our cat, Chaplin. She is a demure black-and-white domestic medium hair who loves to play and take naps in the sun. A few years later we welcomed a corgi named Lana into our home. She quickly adapted to Chaplin being the head of the household and Chaplin has tolerated her canine sibling. Our pets are our family. When we are around them, we are home.

When not at the clinic I enjoy baking and cooking. My partner and I also love to explore new areas of Melbourne both in the city and in nature of the surrounding regions.

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