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Dr. Richard Gowan

Title: BVSC (hons) MACVSc (Feline Medicine)
Position: Senior Veterinarian, Clinic Director
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science (hons) from the University of Queensland (graduated 1998)
  • Attained Membership Qualification in Feline Medicine with the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in 2004
Growing up in Africa, I was drawn to all animals domestic and wild. My childhood dream was always to become a game ranger or zoo keeper, but through high school this evolved into pursuing veterinary medicine. My childhood pets, Niki (Siamese), Rupert (Old English sheepdog) & Emily (Fox terrier) were my true inspiration for pursuing this veterinary career. I always remembered going to the vets with them, it  soon became my only career choice. I gained entry to the University of Queensland veterinary school in 1994.After graduation, I actively pursued a position with Dr Vic Menrath in Queensland, Australia’s first feline specialist vet. After working with his team for 5 years, I decided to found the Cat Clinic in Melbourne in 2005 with my partner Amy.
I love the cat hospital we have created, the people that I work with, the amazing cats I care for and the relationship and trust I have built with our clients.I know the bond and love I have for my cats, this is the motivation to continually strive to deliver the best for my feline patients. By caring for a cat’s health & well being, I know I will help promote and prolong the bond an owner has with their cat. I really enjoy caring for every aspect of cat’s life needs, from the routine to most dire health needs. I get tremendous satisfaction in getting to know my patients and clients and their families. It is an inevitable part of the profession that I will lose much loved patients, but in the next generation, I get to continue the lineage of care with my client – this is the most satisfying part of my career.
I am lucky to call Amy – the most brilliant feline vet I know, my partner. We share our home with three cats. Stirling is an 8 year old Russian blue, he is truly the most amazing little creature I have ever loved (you shouldn’t have favourites). Billie is a fun loving and slightly tubby 12 year old Burmese and Stella, a 9 year old “ice queen” oriental.Outside of work, you will find me adding to the frustration of life on a golf course, getting some miles in my kayak on the Yarra or at the gym. I am an avid foodie and consider myself an overly enthusiastic consumer of fine red wines, being especially partial to Australian Cabernet’s.

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