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Georgia Puttock

Title: Certificate IV in veterinary nursing
Position: Nurse
  • Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Despite being a cat lover from birth (unavoidable with the surname Katz), it took me years to discover
that veterinary nursing was an actual proffesion! In my late 20's I started volunteering on weekends,
caring for felines at my local animal shelter and quickly began to ponder how I could get paid to do such
a wonderful and rewarding job. I sought advice from my cat's vet - Dr Richard at The Cat Clinic Prahran
and was lucky enough to leave with a junior nurse position. I left my career in fashion behind and
enrolled in a veterinary nursing certificate. That was back in 2007, and I'm still here!

My goal in every interaction I have with cats, is to quickly assess their personality and demeanour so I
can approach and handle each patient in a way that best minimises the stress of an unfamiliar
environment - I want to make each cat feel safe, loved and comfortable as well as giving them the best
chance for health and recovery. I also love working with and learning from the vets as I find the medical
side of the job incredibly interesting.

My husband and I were a happy family of six, with our four felines - Ragdoll's 'Rupert' & 'Bellatrix',
Burmese 'Ari' and Singapura 'Bert' before we introduced a 5th human child - our daughter Birdie in 2015.
Since 2018 we were devestated to one-by-one lose three of our furry children to lymphoma and heart
disease, and then lose our daughter's sweet new Singapura kitten 'Kylo Shark' to FIP (before treatment
became available). With all that loss, I am very familiar to the grieving process of saying goodbye to a
much loved pet. Gladly, as of 2022 we have welcomed a beautiful rescue Ragdoll 'Peaches' and the
silliest, funniest most captivating alien of Cornish Rex 'Khensu' to our clan.

I consider the whole Cat Clinic team an extended family and feel incredibly proud to have trained and
work in such an exemplary clinic with such knowledgeable and caring staff. Aside from my love of cats, I have many diverse interests, from literature, film & televison, to art, fashion and food. I've also co- authored two cookbooks with my chef husband, the first featured our old Ragdoll Rupert on the cover and the latest is entirely plant based - in line with my 'reducetarian' values.

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