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Georgia Puttock

Title: Certificate IV in veterinary nursing
Position: Nurse
  • Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Despite being a cat lover from birth, it took me years to discover that veterinary nursing was an actual profession! In my late twenties I started volunteering with felines at my local animal shelter. A few weeks later, I knew I had found my vocation! Veterinary nursing fits right in to the ‘do what you love’ career category. I couldn’t think of a more rewarding job than caring for animals and nursing them back to health. I also find the medical side of the job incredibly interesting.

When my partner Tobie and I moved home from the UK with our two Ragdoll kittens we became clients of Dr Richard’s in the early years of The Cat Clinic. The moment I settled on this new career path, I visited the clinic to ask for Richard’s advice and was lucky enough to leave with a junior nurse position. Though I love all animals, I hit the jackpot because I’m a cat person through and through. My goal in every interaction that I have with cats, is to quickly assess their personality and demeanor, so I can approach and handle each patient in a way that will best minimise the stress of an unfamiliar environment – I want to make each cat feel safe, loved and comfortable as well as giving them the best chance for health and recovery.

My husband Tobie and I were a cosy family of six, with our four felines, ‘Rupert’ and ‘Bellatrix’ our migrant Ragdoll’s, my shadow – lilac Burmese ‘Ari’, and the quirkiest Singapura on the planet, ‘Bert’, until we introduced a fifth human child – our daughter Birdie in 2015. In 2018, we were devastated to lose both Bellatrix and Bert and then sadly Rupert in 2019 and the house is feeling rather quiet without them. My pets mean the world to me. Their steady love and presence in our home is comforting and I find myself missing them dreadfully when I’m away from home. They have become furry extensions of my soul, and I hope my daughter grows up to feel the same way.

I’ve worked at The Cat Clinic for over 10 years and though I’m no longer full-time, I consider the whole team to be family, and feel so proud to have trained and worked in such an exemplary clinic with such knowledgeable and caring staff. Aside from my love of cats, I have many diverse interests, from literature, television and film, to fashion, art, food and wine. I’ve also co-authored two cookbooks with my chef husband, the first featured our cat Rupert on the cover, the latest is entirely plant based – in line with my ‘reducetarian’ values.

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