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Jodie Chandler

Title: Cattery Manager
Position: Nursing Assistant

Cattery Manager, nursing assistant

I have always had a connection with animals, when I was 5 our family dog (Betina) was about 14 years old and I wanted her to jump up on her kennel, despite warnings from my mum not to do that, Betina bit me on my top lip.I still have a tiny scar to this day, ever since then I have known I wanted to work with animals. I think what has drawn me to our feline friends is the mystery they hold. I love the sound of a purring cat. I just melt away

I love working at The Cat Pad & Cat Clinic – it is an awesome group of people and everyone is willing to help each other grow. We share the same passion for our feline friends, we are always learning new things about them and sharing our knowledge which is wonderful. My goal is to make our patients and boarding cats feel relaxed and safe. I like to earn their trust and make a potentially stressful situation a more pleasant experience for them.

Elexis is my little feline shadow, she is everything to me – I love falling asleep listening to her purring away. She is 10 years old in December ’18, I have had her since she was12 weeks old, She is a Domestic Short Hair. She loves to bake in the sun and sleep on my bed. She is fairly lively and keeps me on my toes.  In my spare time I love Dancing, going to see Musicals, Scrapbooking & Land-sailing. I also play World of Warcraft  and am a regular at  Supanova and Oz Comic Con.

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