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Title: Certificate 4 veterinary nursing
Position: Senior Vet Nurse
  • Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

I studied animal services straight from school and once I locked onto vet nursing, I couldn't imagine any other job. I love the animals and the medicine, I love that every day is something different, and I love being apart of a team of people all striving towards good health and happiness for our animals. 

When I was younger I fostered kittens, volunteered at a cat shelter, and worked at a cattery. In 2022 I saw that The Cat Clinic was hiring a cat nurse and it just seemed like the next logical step! In general practice vets, about 80% of patients are dogs so it seemed like a feline-only clinic was the purrfect place for someone like me. 

My goal with every cat I meet is to give them the least stressful experience possible. As a mum of 2 extremely anxious cats (both in very different ways), I understand that every cat needs an individual approach catered to them and their personalities, and try my best to deliver that to them. 

Our Brady Bunch is made up of me, my husband, our 2 cats (Gambino and Tyler), 1 dog (Fergie), and 3 cockatiels (Kendrick, Frank, Missy).  Our babies mean absolutely everything to us. They all came from bleak pasts with their fair share of mental and physical issues so it is extra important to us that we show them the love they deserve every day. 

In my spare time I like to explore nature, bake vegan treats, and take care of my large collection of plants. 

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